Cum play with our Dolls in our Exclusive Private Estate where we host Private one-on-one and Doll Parties and Video Shoots.  We have Female, Transsexual, and Male Dolls for your Enjoyment!
Doll Play Pen - The Ultimate Dolls For Your Pleasure
 When you rent or purchase one of our dolls, there is no need to wine and dine your date, never headache or time-of-the-month issues, always ready when you are, always looking their best in any position - with no complaints - no STDs, no condom necessary (your choice), no pregnancy!  So cum and enjoy the untimate experience with our human-like pleasure dolls!!

Doll Rental is $100 for up to 1 hour.
Doll Purchase starts at $2,500 and up. 
Doll Play Pen is a very private and discreet location, and is clean and safe - You Must RSVP Below - not open to the public!
You may also Call or Text (562) 822-6176 or

Please supply your name, email address, and phone number; and also what position you want the doll in, what if any clothing, and which doll - female, transsexual, or male.

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